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From evening-length show. Channing Murray Foundation, Urbana, IL. October 2014.

End of 8 minute version for proscenium stage. Studiodance1, Studio Theater, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, University of Illinois. May 2014.

Excerpt from one of two dance installations. Location Location, [co][lab], Urbana, IL. February 2014.

In this theatrical five-minute solo I attempt to make a monument of my body through its stillness, its movement and finally its absence. “A Momentary Monument” is structured for recital format shows as it re-contextualizes and monumentalizes moments and movements from the other works presented. The script/score for the piece is below as is a video of its performance at Bearnstow in Maine.



Chance meetings with deer during embodied research. Urbana, IL and Pittsburgh, PA respectively. Fall and winter 2013.