Sophia Levine is a Yinzer and an incessant wanderer. She has performed in Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, Vermont, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland and southern Italy with companies including Yes Brain Dance Theater, Dance Company of Middlebury, ResExtensa Danza Teatro Danza and interdisciplinary group Co(lab)trix.

Her recent exploits include dancing a paper at a Mnemonic’s conference; master-minding an evening-length work as Rehearsal Director of a process “wrecked” by artists including Kirstie Simson and Jennifer Monson; winning a 2012 Flight School Fellowship for her personal choreographic projects; and creating embodied installations outdoors and in offices, museums and research facilities.

Sophia received a BA in Dance from Middlebury College (2010) and an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2016). In fall 2016, she will begin the PhD Program in Critical Dance Studies at University of California Riverside.